woensdag 29 januari 2014

3D FigurePrints of your WoW Character

Okay, this is sheer awesomeness, the ability to have astolp with your character on your desk, and tailorable to not have to go for the hotch potch armour and gear you collect over your questing life.

The models are made by FigurePrints in association with Blizzard, and feature a scenic base with the name of the character on it.  With the WoW 10th Anniversary (and Lÿn 'turning' 8 in februari), this seems like an opportune moment.

My creation if I can amass the funds would be Arena Season 4 armour and toting the Rod of the Blazing Light, mounted on the Rune base.

It's not that cheap though, I believe 130 euros for the model as far as I could see plus shipping, but then that is as much as one of my better anime statuettes costs, so I found a goal what my models are going to be traded of for.

This is just THE BOMB!!!

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