donderdag 23 januari 2014

Mega Bloks: Valoren, Blood Elf Priest

A small set I got through the post today, this is one of the `charatcer sets` of the World of Warcraft license range produced by Mega Bloks.

Like all `not` Lego, the parts are compatible, but I really like the minifig of the set, and the sets are dead cheap, not even 5 euros incl. postage for this fellow, you just have to have a look around.

But the set has been VERY inspiring though, I`ve spend most of my game time today in and around Silvermoon City taking snapshots. 


Because when the Guilds of Historica book II challenge hits Avalonia - the guild of mostly classic fantasy settings like forests, elves, unicorns etc - I`m going to try and recreate a Blood Elf building in Lego.

I have enough Lego figures to build Sin`dorei (helmetted though I fear, I lack in the hair and yellow pointy ear department) suitable models, and have a bucket full of yellow and red bricks to go with white buildings.

But first I`m going to use the LDD tool I think, just to be sure if it is feasible to recreate the organic style with my limited palette of skills...

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