woensdag 22 januari 2014

My first week back in WoW

One week we're back cin the club of 8 million, and it has been a relaxing experience so far.  Having not really clocked any game marathons in, nor did any instances, I have been mostly getting used to the new start and collecting the Horde flightpoints that haven't faction changed with me.

I only completed a dozen achievements, the most notable already bumping Archeology to 600.  I just love that profession and I'll be doing it in the between to go for the Professor title (currently I'm Assistant Professor, the previous highest rank to be gained in that profession).  Others where mostly common achievements like the pet catching (and unlocking the 150 pets achievements for the Celestial Dragon pet), the start of the pet fighting mini game, things like that.

The comming time I get to play I'm not going to be rushing either, though at current with level 88 I might go for the 90 just to be able to buy the Flying in Pandaria skill.  The first comming focus will be the 50 Coins of Ancestry needed to buy the Enchanted Lantern pet now that Lunar Festival is going on, but apart from that I'll probably be busy doing the Ice Crown Argent Tournaments dailies to complete the mounts found there (I got a feeling that part is going to be closing down with the new expansion) as well as trying to finalise the Molten Front arc (where I had left off before halfway through) to add some more mounts to the collection.  The goal is the 150 mounts, currently I'm at 103 but I still need to buy all the new basic ones like the Pandaren Turtles and such.

And do some fishing in between... Nat must become my best friend after all ;-)

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