dinsdag 14 januari 2014

New (Re)Beginnings

Well, it has happened.  I'm back to playing World of Warcaft after nearly 2.5 years of a break.  In the end, restarting painting just didn't work out, I couldn't focus anymore and this weekend I donated all my brushes and paints to my 12 and 10 year old cousins, may they splatter paint over the floor to their heart's desire.

So after some costumer chatting today (very helpful from Blizzard, if that moderator ever comes to Antwerp I'm buying him a few rounds) because I can't for the love of Athena remember my secret question I set up way back in 2006. 

But we're in, and we have a first look around, toggled a bit with the changed skills / talents / traits system (doing as always my own will, not what I *should* do), faction switched to the Horde and transformed Lÿntaria into a Blood Elf.  As she was RP'd, she has always been one after all now, wasn't she Nemesis ;-)

The reason for this?  According to Wowheroes, Moonglade has 662 Horde players at the moment oppossed to 5547 Alliance ones.  Since I don't wanna guild up yet, this allows me a calmer, non stressy environment.

Another big change: the pets now have a mini game in the Pokemon style, catch critters and train them up...

Well, the only minor change is to the yearly planned goals, I dropped the 20 models to paint, and am going for 1000 Achievements errrm, achieved.  When I quit, there where slightly over a 1000 total, now just over 2000, so I'm aiming to end at a score around 50%, currently toggling at 33%, or 697 Achievements.

And now, off to bed with a bloody cold, ciao snuffle ciao

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