woensdag 8 januari 2014

The Black Hole after the Playstation Challenge

It's odd to say this, but after a year of frantic gaming to beat Andy in the challenge... I fell into a black hole.  For some reason, I can't get my sorry ass hauled over to my consoles or my handhelds again, and I think I know why.

Currently I only played some Game of Thrones, and even though I'm curious of how the story will unfold, it has only 15 levels or so, each taking about an 1.5 hours to complete.  After a week, I'm in Chapter 5...

It's even worse on the Vita, only thing I played there so far is a PSP ported to Vita 'picture item search' game... Mystery of the Crystal Portal.

There are no decent RPG's on them with online features.  Destiny looks promising, but that one is still on the far horizon, and my 'gaming life' has mostly consisted of this.  Yes, I enjoyed WoW, yes I liked being a small scale scrapper in EVE online, and doing scientific research in Star Trek Online was enjoyable.

But now, I just don't have those things.  In the end, I decided to move my 'the machine', aka my PC, over to my girlfriend's place in the next school holiday week, being the beginning of march, and throw myself back in the whole online gaming community. 

But with real life come real responsibilities, and gone are the days I can (or even want) game all night long and raid this or that.  I can not, and will not, plan those things ever again, so I am going to look around for decent, and especially playable, online games, preferably fantasy MMOs.  Big pixeled bubs FTW.

One of the criteria will need to be that you can advance playing solo, because I'm not committing to the Guild Life again anywhere soon.  GW2 might get a reboot, though my downloader erred yesterday.  World of Tanks (and Battleships!) will definitly be on there, even though mostly in a capacity of a swift round in time killer.

But for the rest I'm going to look into, install, try and if I don't like it, delete, some fantasy games which I can play when the GF has late shifts, or when she and kid are having their soap opera timespans. 

This does also bring the added benefit of having my far more powerful PC here to work and develop for school instead of transferring constantly between her old laptop and 'the machine', but that is a bonus ;-)

But what games it will be?  I can't say yet, still have a long time relatively speaking (and especially in 'game time') before we set off on that journey again, but at first I'm going to try some of the Perfect Worlds games I have installed, but never played nor even registred, being the PWI and the Jade Empire ones.  And since Perfect World is considering Saint Seiya Online... (yeah, as if there will be doubt I'd be playing THAT).

Everquest is now also FTP, so I'll have a peek there, and maybe some more possibly intresting titles from the Free MMO listings, but it will depend not only on the abvoe criteria, I'm going to read forums as well to find out if the games are infested or not by "Chinese Farmers", otherwise it won't be worth the time as it is on a track to ruination.

The odd thing I miss the most in those games, is perhaps hard to explain to people like my GF.  By nature, I'm, and have always been from childhood, a rather reclusive person.  I didn't need friends to play woith, I could keep myself occupied by building Lego.  That evolved in the wargaming alley where I preferred the army building and painting more then the actual game.  In MMO's, I don't look for social contact per se, but I find it enjoyable to meet 'fleeting aquaintances'.  People you PUG with, have a click, play a few instances together for a week or so, and then move on to be a vague contact and forgetting about each other as everyone continues their story in their own way and speed.

Or meet up for the occassional in-game role playing event, Rhyme and Punishment was such a guild on WoW where I could perfectly 'hide' in... no pressure, no raid schedules, and we did get to see everything as well in the end, though often with a delay of a full expansion.  But I did get to know some awesomesauce people on there, some I still often talk with on my Facebook ('often' in my terms meaning like once every trimester, but he, that's me).

It's perhaps an odd thing to say, but I feel 'lonely' when playing a game these days, no 'competitive drive adrenaline' in ly veins as with the challenge, and no goof-balling in a game for the average surface chat (Hey, did you see that movie?  Yeah, etc etc etc...)

Another added bonus is that I can work away my 1081 and counting hours backlog of anime I still have to watch...

So yes, It is going to be a long quest in the beginning of looking for a few suited games, but also an opportunity to add some more posts this year to the blog, as well, in all honesty, I can't force my hand to lift a brush, and I'm giving all my paints to my nephews soonish.  They'll just have to cope with the fact that if I ever need a few paints and a brush to repair something, they're going to borrow that to me without discussion hehehe.  OR I'LL BILL THEM!

So let's end this post with a small word of advice before plunging into the world of MMO's:

Always remember that behind every sexy elfin toon is a finnish construction worker in his undershirt wanking his cranck

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