zondag 19 januari 2014

Bargain Hunting Finds

Truth to be told, I didn't even went on an actual bargain hunting spree yesterday.  When we went to the local supermarket, a Carrefour megamarket, it turned out there was a lot of their toys at -30 to -70 discounts.

So while the GF and the munchkin went to rummage through the various boxes and shelves stacked around, and 'stocking up' already on birthday presents for the various kids in the families, the munchkin also buying a Darth Vader Lego led keychain for -30%, I found this little gem:

From the Megablocks range of Dragon Universe, a small Dragon kit (it's like 8 pieces or so not counting the cannon... which I didn't use as I can use this beastie in some fantasy builds) for only 3 euros, and it came (what I had my eye on in the first place) with a large plastic 'dragon egg container'.  That I can use for a certain project in the far off mind starting with an L and might drive the GF nuts...  she can blame Fred for that.

Another nice find was rather accidental, this Ultrapro small size card binder for only 1.77 euros.  I don't care if it has a Pokemon image on it, it is good enough to transport cards around and way cheaper then buying it normally...

It is only a bot of a shame it didn't have any of the World of Warcraft constructable sets, but for the intressees, it did have a lot of Spider-Man, Transformers and Bakugan toys as well in the big boxes.

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