vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Happy New Year (to meeee!)

The chinese New Year has arrived, and this year it is 'my' year or chinese zodiacs turn, the Horse.

So that would mean I'm the Equuleus saint, or 'Little Horse', the brother constellation to Pegasus. It also means I'll be either turning 24 or 36 this year, but I'm still not out of that decision ;-)

Introduced during season 2 of Omega, this cloth is currently worn by former Steel Saint Subaru, the boy that wants to become a God and defeat Pegasus Koga.  Inheriting the cloth from Celeris, he can now harness his imposing Cosmo (it is considered, going by the intro of the series, he is actually a reincarnated God) and as such can launch the Equuleus's ultimate attack, the Supernova Explosion.

Not to shabby to be born under, though that other part of the Equuleus cloth, a curse that those who wear it die in battle protecting those he loves, seems a bit of a let-off hehehe.

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