vrijdag 3 januari 2014

Fresh bricks for moi yayay

Like I told yesterday, I was planning to get out to the toy store and grab me Bag`s End... so guess what they don`t had anymore.

No problem though, I picked up Lake Town Chase instead, another diplay set I had my eyes on, and a fine set if you ask me to boot.

Afterwards I went into negotiations with the kid (for like 7 seconds) whom i had given a Castle chariot months ago as a present and it still stood there in it`s box.  He has it already over at his dad and on the other hand my Lone Ranger stagecoach has been eyed by him on multiple occasions.  So we reached a trade, even though I have no plans on building the cart, just grab the minifigs and the bricks for some MoC projects.

Finally today an envellope arrived from Canada with a lot of the promo set Mirkwood Elf from The Hobbit range, one for me, one for the munchkin and one each for both my nephews (and then some more...).

Good brick days indeed...

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