vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Soooo... Williams huh?

The first test sessions of a new season aren't the best of indicators for the comming season, as it is literally the first time the new cars get to the track and they have to do installation laps and such.

But a few things did become clear for now: there is an issue with Renault's turbo engine, as all three teams had serious difficulties during the past 4 test days, and spread over all the days could barely put in the amount of laps a GP takes, due to technical issues.  That isn't good news for Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Caterham!

On the other hand, it seems the Mercedes engine is the powerhouse of the moment, as all the german powered teams put down strong and consistent times, Mc Laren topping the days two out of 4, and today... Massa in his Williams.

Williams has been on the top spots during the whole test session, wether it was Bottas or Massa at the wheel and it seems they are set for a strong season.

Ferrari took the top spot on day one and has been rather consitant as well, but as I said, it is all way to early to get any true indications and ideas of what the season will bring.

Finally there is the Marussia 03 that only arrived in Jerez yesterday, but apart from being elegant, the Ferrari powered machine seems to have some 'good vibes' as with only half a test in length compared to the other teams (2 vs 4 days), Bianchi outdid Sutil in the Sauber today... it seems my beloved Lotus Caterham is going to be in for a tough year again, and it seems Virgin Marussia is more porne to finally make the leap to the lower midfield... ouch.

Ant-eater nose vs vacuumcleaner ducknose?  That fight is still undecided as well... but I do prefer the latter as the lesser of two evils though.

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