maandag 6 januari 2014

Inspirational Lego: Pacific Rim

I loved the movie, and it seems to pop up in most yearly lists as 'stayed under the radar undeservingly' so it wasn't that bad a movie as some people tend to think.

And that is why I really like this build, especially the concept at least.  The tanker scene is one of the most epic on the flick, and it is a pity the creator got the colours of Gipsy Danger wrong, if he would have made her grey instead of green, this would have been sheer epicness in bricks (for me at least).

Talking epic Lego, this picture turned up yesterday over the net, the first of the Simpson license sets, probably being released around the summer.  However, this isn't going to be a cheap set with over 2500 parts, and the fact it is labelled 'build level' 12+ it is probably going to be a shop exclusive set (or range?).

Oh well, that gives me another 6 months or so to save up and clean out materials and toys, though I'm not actually to sure I'll be getting this particular set, not really into my fantasy medieval range, but we'll see.  Am I thinking the munchkin is going to want it?  Not sure, I think his generation isn't to wild anymore of the franchise, especially not at his age...

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