zondag 5 januari 2014

Expedition into the Forest of Waldurk

Lego Heroica games are nice little 'fantasy rpg' style games, suitable for an half hour or hour entertainment with the whole family.  Not to difficult, and if you can bring over the story, it is enjoyable for everyone.  And I can try and make the munchkin get a knack for wanting to go LARP one day *insert evil laughter*

Deep in the forest of Waldurk, the Dark Druid is comming back to power.  But what is it that is giving him his evil powers?  Bravely three adventurers set out and try to unravel the mystery in a wood infested with huge spiders and vicious werewolves!

Undaunted, the Barbarian takes the lead, storming forward and swinging his axe left and right.  But it seems he only has victory and glory on his mind, as he goes through every effort to block off the road for the Druid.  A blood feud seems to be in the making...

In the end though, the Barbarian storms the Dark Druid and swiftly defeats him, and the party learns of his secret...

The winner is 'Hit By the Mill' the Barbarian, with a mighty imposing rack of trophies to boast.  Seems he got hit one time to many in the head though...

With him in the room was also 'Red the Blue', Ranger

While 'Bompa' the old druid was still wandering the woods during the expedition

But the adventurers had learned that his power came from the Holy Grail, a relic hidden even deeper in the Forest of Waldurk, and bravely they decided to push on.  Little did they know the Dark Druid hadn't been defeated at all and he still wandered the woods.

Fearless the Barbarian, still overconfident from his earlier victory, rushed forward, but to no avail.  Because of the feud, the Druid stalwarthy refused to lend a healing hand, and twice the Barbarian went down against the evil lord.

In the end, it was the Ranger with his special trick shot skills that took the overlord down, while the Druid lingered near the entrance gate, trying to unravel the secret of the gate in front of him.

When suddenly the mistic barrier went down, the old Druid grabbed the Holy Grail, once and for all bringing down the dark powers that infested the forest and brought tranquility back to the place!

And thus we ended the adventures of the boxed Forest of Waldurk, and we had fun all three.  Next time the other 'medium' box adventures, before going to the big fort story and finally the grande finale of all the sets combined (minus 'special case' Illirion and the small promo polybag orc set)...

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