dinsdag 7 januari 2014

LEGO The Movie blind bags

Okay, this was a bit of a downer.  My 16 packs (the maximum allowed to be ordered over their website) arrived within 24 hours of ordering, but the loot was... disappointing.

The series has 1 model I really wanted, being Abraham Lincoln, and a few I wouldn`t mind if I got them, being Wild West Wyldside (to be used in a moc with Abe), the Mermaid Queen, William Shakespeare and the Nacho Guy, whom would be an easter egg when Guilds of Historica goes Kaliphim this year for an `easter egg`.

I got the mermaid, and the nacho guy even twice (one for me, and one for the kid, he has first dibs on doubles), but apart from that it was a very poor pick.  I had no less then 4 hardhat Emmet`s (so thats 3 up for trade), 4 times the Bad Cop (same), 2 times the Barrista guy (one for trade) and three times the Davy Crockett robot guy (so 2 for trade)... that`s only 6 different figures out of the 16.

Next time better, or at least hope they`ll be adding them soon to Miniature Trading and see to send some around the globe.

Well, liked the rest of the order though, 2 small Friends sets (the new turtle and tiger animal sets, I could use the parts and it gave me this months freebie to trade off, the Stephanie`s Bakery Stand polybag promo), the legendary wolf beast from Chima (the beast will be for a MoC, the character I`ll find some use for, but the addition of that model put me over the minimum for free shipping, and it would otherwise be the same total as it costs exactly as much as the shipping fee, better to pay for bricks then for stamps) and a Bilbo Baggins keychain ;-)

On the same note, this also dropped in from Bricklink, so not to bad a Lego day in all.

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