donderdag 2 januari 2014

Inspirational Lego: Rivendell

Let's start this year of with a great inspirational piece of building.  It has been showing up on Flickr (I so still need to make that account in order...) and it is a mighty piece of work to boot.

For more pictures of yet antoher awesome 'Last Homely Home', check out this page on the One Ring, the Lord of the Rings fansite, but I can only say I'm all kinds of green with envy on how cool it is, and how I lack the skills to build something like that.

But let's also start of the year with a giggle.  I posted this picture on my Facebook and it had some serious laughsies and likes last week, I think it, though on the last moment of the year, the best spoof picture that has shown up during 2013, just topping off that Transform Already Optimus Prime one from months ago.

But now I'm off to the toystore, as I got a few gift vouchers from the local one from the family yesterday, so if 1. they have it in stock  and 2. I put down a few additional euros, I'll be building Bag's End tonight AT LAST!

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