zaterdag 1 maart 2014

The Plan - Week 3

Another week gone by, and it was a good one as I got my greedy little paws on no less then 5 new mounts to the collection, bringing the total to 128 and a step closer to the 150 mounts achievement and... accompanying mount.

And what grinds it where, but first, looking back on the goals I set myself last week, I`d rate it 2.5 out of 3 successes.

I got Exalted with the Tillers faction, so I can now fully use the farming grounds, and that yielded the three Riding Goat mounts as well.

I managed to complete the cooking step and as such the achievement of Skills that Pay the Bills, and already have one Pandarian way at 600, now with the farm fully opened I can start growing the vegetables to ding the other ones as well, albeit this will be a slow and in between process.

And I failed on getting the Hunter to get to Leatherworking 250, but I did get my `workhorse`, the Paladin, to mine in Outland level, a goal from week 1, so i`ll set myself a half point on the chalk for this ;-)

But there where more mounts scored.  Past monday, at 6.26 in the morning and less then 3 hours before the end of the Love world event, I managed to total 473 Tokens, and could get my Swift Lovestrider.  It was close, but now I don`t have to wait 11.5 months for a next chance...

And Archeology was my friend, as the raptor showd up in the Fossil tab.  Luckily, with the new Pandaria system you can pack up your finds of the new world and exchange them for the older content at The Lorewalkers, so no more need to fly halfway across the globe in the hopes of even unlocking the needed fields.  Next on this will be exchanging fragments for both Tol`Vir until I unlock the epic pet, then back to fossils for the rare remaining pet in that set, the Pterrodax.  After that, I`ll just be saving up crates for no particular goal bar vendor trash and cash flow.

Of course, talking pets, like you could read earlier this week, a TCG gamble paid off and I have a Tuskarr Kite for myself now, as well as one running on the Auction House.  Want one?  Go to Moonglade EU and look on the Horde AH, you`ll see it over there.

In other news, I also did my first ever LFR experience, see the post on the blog before this one for more news on that...


What are the goals for the comming week then?  Well, I`ve been working on (finally) opening up the whole Molten Front, and I am going to push onwards this week to get all the needed Marks of the World Tree and as such get my hands on the Hippogryph reward that yields.

The second goal is to get the Order of the Cloud Serpent to exalted, as that yields another three mounts in the Cloudstrider Serpents, as well as the skill to actually ride those chinese dragons.

And then there is the Darkmoon Faire again this week!  I`m going to grind through all the faire attraction daillies, as well as the other quests that pop up, in order to get all the required tickets to grab the Dancing Bear mount.  For the rest, I`m not done in there just yet, I will be looking for a quiet place near the ocean and start fishing away all the lures I collected over the last weeks, and go for the Sea Pony pet, a fishable only during the Faire.

Good enough set goals for the mount race ;-)


Well, I don`t have any aims as the Order for the mounts will pop this as well, and I don`t have any big ones in sight just yet...

Gold Making

I gambled.  I have over 75 Netherweave bags running at the moment.  Everyone needs those bags, and I found out that stacks of 20 Netherweave cloth go for bids of 2.40 gold.  People tend to forget to modify this, just going for a buy out value, so i placed bids on all of them, actually won 95% of them, and after crafting (one full stack + a tread costing 45 silver = one bag) all those bags, I relisted them around 20 gold.  That means every one that sells nets a 16 gold profit after deducting placement costs for 48 hour runs.
A safe bet, not the biggest of riches, but it goes a long way in sponsoring my Mount hunting.


I give up on this for now.  I`ll do them at times, but for now, I`m sticking with my main and occassionally my work horse when funds start to run low and I need to have lots of ores and bars to list again at the AH.Bit of like my warlocks Knight in not so shiny blue collared armour...

So in conclusion, this weeks aims and goals are

* Fish up the Sea Pony
* Get the Order of the Cloud Serpent to Exalted status
* Unlock the complete Molten Front

A fun thing

Losing weight and building muscle thanks to WoW!

I read a post on WoWhead about the Baron`s Deathcharger, the one RAREST drop of Mount in the game (0.04% drop rate) and a guy that told himself to do 20 push ups between each run through Stratholme until it drops.

He can now flat handed knock out a Gorilla after 368 unsuccesfull runs, but hasn`t gotten the mount yet.  I`m going to do something likewise, I`m going to go for 10 sit ups until I can do the next run once I start the grind for this legendaryly rare horse...  it will be mine, it will be mine... or I`ll be ready for the Mister Universe elections...

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