donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Building the Research Institute

Set 21110, or Lego ideas #008, is a small 20 euro set that has generated a lot of intrest.  And with a LOT, we mean already a total sell out on the Lego site and most stores, and like all ideas had only a single production run.

Even though it came together with the Exo Suit, that other big seller last week, this little set in his own way has caused quite a nice fuzz before release, even making it to the Belgium newspaper when it was announced.

The story is namely so, a young scandinavian Lego enthousiast and scientist lady designed the set to show more females in roles of sciences and the likes, and this has been received with a lot of anticipation.  Of all the proposed models, three made the cut.

The set comes with three bags, each for a seperate vignette of a scientist, and an instruction booklet with the necessary background on the professions and all.

1. The Chemist

This small vignette shows a female Minifig handling erlemeiers and other bottles, and yes I went for the spooked side of the face because it was a comical face compared to the standard face.

2. The Paleontologist

I love the T-rex skeleton and how it is build up.  The original proposal was a bit more tan in colour, but never the less this is the highlight of the set for me.

3. The Astronomer

With printed constellation chart instead of a sticker!  This was also with the Ecto-1, and I really like this compared to stickering.  The floor is mosaiced by all small 1x1 plates, a nice model as well.

Now, all the bags had a lot of extra pieces as well, and of the sort you can easily use in other builds no matter what your preference is.  As shown here from the respective sets above:

A very good looking set, I am so happy I grabbed one before they got low on supply, as I expect this one to make an impact on the secondary market in a few months (as in: around the holiday season).

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  1. Hopefully the get them back in stock at some point. I would like one for my daughter.