zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

The Plan - Week 25

All things considered, it has been a decent gaming week, though this mostly comes due to not having been able to sleep properly due to the warm weather.

But apart from working further to gain the Vita The Hobbit platinum and completing an episode of Wolf Amongst Us, I also managed to get some Minifigures Online and some World of Warcraft in.

With Minifigures Online, I now completed all currently available worlds (Pirate, Medieval and Space) and maxed out (for now) until possible both my Striker minifig (the Tomahawk Warrior) and Defender (the Heroic Knight).  Still haven`t unlocked a Creator though that I like to max out.

In WoW, I first finally completed all the farmer friends of Halfhill`s Tillers faction, before hitting the scenarios and complete each one at least a first time.

I really liked the Battle at High Seas part where you are fired out of `transport cannons`, but for the rest I found that scenario rather bland, but the Zan`Vess one I loved as your making bombing runs in a goblin plane.

For the coming week, I`ll mostly be tuning my Magic deck for GP Utrecht and have to take care off a lot of other things, so I doubt I`ll be playing a lot, but the goal will be on Tol barad when I get online as I`m only about two dozen tokens away from getting the dragon mount and then closing off that chapter of grinding...

And I completed Rolo`s Riddle by paracommando gliding to the Ruby Lake using my modified cloak.  It`s good to be an engineer ;-)

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