zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

Lego Shopping day

Well, it`s the second of august, and today is a LEGO shopping day for me.  

Now, I wanted the Exo suit, as does it seems everybody in the Lego community, and Humpty and Dumpty wanted to break their banks and spend all their savings, so I tuned in my `monthly trip` (okay, I don`t actually go there every month, but my hobby budget is either spend there or through the online store at the beginning of each month) with theirs and we could go together.

I like how the kids eyes widen and flicker when they enter the store.  They like how my eyes widen and flicker as the old geezer enters the store...

When we arrived there quarter before 10, already more then a dozen people where waiting at the storefront for the personel to open the doors to Walhalla, and I must say I was impressed by the big amounts that went over the bench and the big yellow bags everywhere to be seen in the shopping mall and around it.

Me and my posse walked out with two big yellow bags containing of course the new EXO-Suit, a Lego Ideas set that is proving to be immensely popular, as I already read reports of States stores being sold out after day 1...

As well as the Female Researchers set, which I have been a fan of since I saw it (I was actually pointed to it`s development a couple of months ago by the mother-in-law).  It`s small and cheap, but so full of character.

The Lego DeLorean was taken along as well, as was the big R2-D2 as shown here by Humpty:

As was the Volkswagen Mini Van and the free Mini Cooper promotional model that comes with orders over 55 euros this month, as shown here by Dumpty:

It was a very rewarding trip, and definitly one to be surely repeated in the future, so I better start saving up starting... right... now ;-) because next time I make the trip to the physical store will be when the The Hobbit sets are out, and I`ll be hauling a healthy amount of yellow bags again...

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