dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Inspirational Lego: starships in Classic Space style

This time in my findings over the Internet, I`m putting the focus on starships I came about...

... and whom have been build in the classic Lego Space style and blueish colourscheme.

The first ones are really, really big favorites of mine: Classic Space style Federation vessels, namely takes on the NX-01 and NCC-1701 Enterprise vessels

The second one is an actual remake of a classic model, and it is currently trying to gather support on Lego Ideas, so it might be worth hopping over there and cast your support.

This little vessel I think is actually a rather cool build, it looks to fit the theme, yet it is all different in style with it`s high glass cockpit windows.

This model has been featured on a lot of big Lego blogs like The Brothers Brick, and it has a nice feel to it with it`s small ship and launching bay hangar

Rounding out this time is this sleek looking interceptor, a fine ship as well if you ask me...

This all has me so much in the mood of building Benny`s Spaceship (okay, i`ll have to get one soon, I`m breaking resistance), or the plans I found for a `MicroFighter` scale version of the vessel, that would probably be even more awesome on display.

But then again, Everything IS Awesome...

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