maandag 4 augustus 2014

Lego Brick Wonders by Warren Elsmore

Brick Wonders - Ancient, Natural and Modern Marvels in Lego is a book written by Warren Elsmore.  It takes us on a trip along the 7 original world wonders, then a heap of medieval ones like Ankor Watt, and finally past modern marvels like medical science and the ISS.

It is not littered with text upon text, but filled to the nook with gorgeous pictures... and small building instructions.

And one of those is a very intresting one, namely the round huts typically found in western europe`s Roman Age, this might at last be the key for me to unlock the building secrets for a round tower!

I grabbed the book from Amazon for about 10 GBP, and it was a very exciting piece of eye candy, and definitly a nice addition to my Legobrary (see what I do here, lego library contraction ;-) ).  Perhaps the only down side is that well, as I`m putting some words down for it right now, that means the book has been finished hehe.

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