dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

The Plan - Week 26

Well, not that much gametime as I`ve been doing mostly Magic related things as GP Utrecht has come and gone.  And I managed to already qualify for the WMCQ`s of 2015 due to it.

But I did start again playing EVE Online, yet a bit of sporadic mining has been all I did so far, just as looking around a little for a corp.

My first hours in a little low sec excursion, I got shot and podded in my frigate, but after that I reached my `home zone` of Tash-Murkon and hauled out my pride vessels, the Mackinaw class Aurora Borealis and Hulk class Tritanium Warrior II (nr I being a Covetor parked at an old corps location, but after 42 months, I am not in that anymore and don`t feel atm to collect it a few dozen jumps away).

And of course I still have my most used vessel of my EVE `career`, the hauler Bestower class `The Bus`...

The coming week is all about trips with the GF, so once more I won`t be clocking decent game time, but heck, we`ll see where the ship docks next week...

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