vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

To Grand Prix Utrecht!

Awake for 2 hours now, after only sleeping 5... not the ideal resting span for one of the `biggies` in the Magic playing field but heck, in about an hour I`m off for a weekend of card chucking in the dutch city of Utrecht.

Apart from closing myself off from the internet for the coming 3 days (lol, that are going to be a lot of mails to read sunday evening), I`m going there with a few modest goals as this will be only my second GP ever after London.

The format being Standard and me hauling along the traditional Red deck, I`m going for a main event goal of 3 wins, which unless I come up against Mono-Blue after Mono-Blue should be doable I think.  But since I`m there all weekend and not expecting Day 2 unless I get very lucky, I will be playing some side events as well both today and on sundays (no matter the track record, I`m going for an all 9er on the Main one).

Looking at the schedule, I`ll be perhaps trying to have a go at one of today`s Last Chance Trials for bye`s and boosters.  But what intrests me more is the 18 o`clock Foiled Again event for boosters and promos.

On saturday we have the Main event itself, but on sunday I hope to catch the Super Sunday, a Sealed event where the winner can grab 108 boosters, and a plane ticket invitational in Seattle, OR the Standard Championship, it will all depend on those on the time we`ll be getting back from the venue.

Running in between those are all weekend 8 player events, in Standard, Modern, Legacy, Chain Draft, Conspiracy draft, Chaos draft and Historic draft Zendikar - Worldwake.  Maybe if I get an opening, I might put in some time with either the Zendikar or the Chaos events, but I cannot say for sure yet how it might all turn out, just that I`ll be chucking a LOT of cards.

The end goal is 150 Planeswalker Points to be grabbed this weekend.  The Main Event having a x8 multiplier while the Public Events are at x3, this *should* be doable if I can keep my turn around rate going at around 50%, and should sort out the WMCQ issue for next year in one go.

Talk to you all on sunday (though I think the full Utrecht shennanigans by moi will be for monday, after the PWP site updates...)

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