vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

The Plan - Week 28

An early bird this week, as all my bags are packed and I`m ready to go.  To Germany for a weekend with the GF and the parents to be precise, and I have a shortlist of toystores around there.

But nevertheless, we managed to get some game time in this week, no long nighters as I`d like to though, but the occassional pop in / pop out sessions.

EVE might have changed a lot to get used to after an almost 4 year break, but at least the AFK mining style is still viable to do ;-).  Though not for to long of an extended period, as my miners draw themselves full smoothly.

The biggest news in this part is perhaps that I joined up with a Corporation and Alliance again, a small scale miner ops that works also in low sec at times (0.1 to be precise).  Though I will need to specifically train in some non production and harvesting skill sets over the coming weeks (to make the Exhumers able to tank rats and gankers), it`s a very loose set of corp rules they handle.  No taxes, no forced mining ops... dig what you want in a group environment.

It surely helps for the riches, I went from my measly 23 mil ISK to 153 this week.  And `bettered` my security status from -1.63 to -1.53 by just chatting in belts, this way it doesn`t get as boring as it sometimes can be if your flying solo...

In other game news, I finally unlocked a Creator specced model in Minifigures Online with the Fortune Teller, and immediatly maxed her out.  The game is now in the waiting period to see if perhaps one more world will come out before it`s official release in October.

I honestly doubt this though, and the Lego catalog now also has an add for the game and added Minifigures Line (Series 12), which I`m looking really out for, but for now I`m trading specifically towards a Fortune Teller minifig, so that I can create a MoC with the three characters I tend to play in the game.

But that is for a post in the future...

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