dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

Lego Ninjago Character Encyclopedia book review

Let`s face it, Ninjago is Lego`s take on the Power Rangers.  You got four ninja`s and their old master, a red, a white, a blue and a black one, and then there is the love intrest that turns Samurai ally.

Add to this that over the course of the range, the heroes evolve (DX, Kendo, etc etc) and they get to tame dragons and steer big technical machines...  and then suddenly in the darkest hour, out of nowwhere, the Green Ranger eerm Ninja appears.

Okay, and even though I ain`t a Power Ranger fanboy, I really like the Ninjago range.  Because it has a lot of elements for (oriental) medieval building, it features ninja`s, samurai, skeleton warriors, snake warriors etc etc.  And the fact the older series often pop up in discount stores as they aren`t a licensed franchise in clearances.

The book follows the pattern of all the character encyclopedias, going release series by release series and detailing all the kits, some character backgrounds, odd and end tidbits of (fluff) information and such things.

There is also the fact that Lego has carte blanche in this and it`s stories, as it is one of their own ranges like Chima, and not bound by licenses like they are with Harry Potter or Star wars (all excellent eye candy books in themselves mind you).

And like every character book, this one comes as well with a limited edition, only with the book available, figure.  Which in this case is the Green Ninja ZX.

A sweet figure, with an awesome print on his clothing, I`m definitly going to be able to use him in one build or another!

The book is worth your euros / pounds / dollars, as are most DK Publications imho, and it is a tat cheaper then the Star Wars and Harry Potter ones to boot (again, licenses you know...)

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