donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Inspirational Lego: Steampunk Star Wars

Okay, with my C-drive W7 OR even my whole computer in it`s last dying breaths, I`m having to force myself to work away my full backlog of blogposts in the coming days.

And considering I`ll be out all weekend, including a trip to Brick Mania in Limburg which will yield hopefully a lot of pictures, that means typing, typing typing (and grabbing pics from a USB after I managed to force entry myself into the Library maps last night).

One of the recent pop ups on the internet, call it a hype of the moment, is building Star Wars models in Steampunk style.  Partly this has to do I think by the Lego Steampunk book that came out not so long ago (and I still need to grab a copy from), and partly due to the build up to Star Wars episode VII.

On one forum, there even was a contest of building those models, and here are some of those great entries.  Though I am nurturing a growing feeling of building a franchise MoC vessel next year, this is something I`m personally steering clear off, I doubt I have the skills to make a credible model for this niche, better known as `Steam Wars`.


Pod Racer
Jetbikes (you know, those from Endor)

Imperial Shuttle
General Grievous`s Wheelcycle
Jabba`s Sailing Barge

I really love how all those models are easily recognisable for people with only a limited Star Wars knowledge (aka, only seen the movies or so), though I didn`t manage to find a steampunk styled Millenium Falcon though...

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