zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

The Plan - Week 27

Like I said last week, I`ve been playing EVE Online again after a break of 42 months, and it is back to mining out asteroids to rebuild my capital.

Starting out with 300.000.000 ISK only, and after purchasing a third Exhumer to do mission runnings outside my normal `mining home`, refining skill sets etc, I`m down at 20.000.000 ISK now and can start building, refining and mining to a goal of 500.000.000 again.

But a lot HAS changed over the period with which I`m still trying to get the grips add.  First ad foremost for me, Ice Belts are now on a spawn timer and smaller then they used to be, no longer is it an immense, un-outmineable string of iceblocks, but a smaller field that can be mined down in about an hour if there is a trainload of miners present.  These belts then respawn on a 4 hour timer.

They don`t have a fixed position anymore, but your inbuild scanner can easily detect them and you can warp there directly.  The scanner is one of those things heavily changed, and I still have to go and read to catch up on them, but now you have `green` cosmic signatures which you can warp to, and `red` signatures that I have no idea what they do yet.  Same goes for apparently now the possibility of Moon Mining, Gas Cloud Harversting and the likes in hig sec up to a 0.7 rating.

Lots to catch up on these topics, and it will be a lot of trial and error...

A very good change is the manufacturing system, as now you no longer need to look for an installation with actual room in it to install your blueprints.  Find a station, and you can install and re-install blueprints to build or invent, but also to fine tune it`s material costs and production time on them, something I`m doing at the moment with all my Mining Crystal blueprints.

In other news, it has been announced the new WoW expansion is going to come out the 13th of November, so I guess until then, WoW will be a bit on the backburner.  The reason is that I have very limited time at the moment, but I can `auto mine` in EVE with alt tabbing and listening to Aure1s voice while doing so for `the asteroid is depleted` messages ;-)

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