vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

Lego Chima Magazines

Just a quickie this morning, showing off these two mags I found in the store.

Now, I did buy a copy of the Crug one for the Smurf as well, but it turned out his minifig lacked it`s legs, so I`ve given him mine.

I mailed the publisher (the dutch Junior Press) and they promised to send a replacement end of august / debut of september, so no worries there. 

Now, I often dare buying those mags for myself, when it comes with the Chima or Ninjago minifigs as they are usable `somewhere` in `something` that I`ll be building `sometime`.  The Friends version I usually pass on, while the City one I only buy for the kid. 

Those magazines come at around 5 euros a piece, so that is not to shabby for a booklet and a limited edition figure...

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