zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

Inspirational Lego - Gundam SEED

Time for another set of pictures of Lego I loved and adored the past weeks.  And I have seen some very, very awesome builds over all the various sources like MOCPages, Facebook, Eurobricks etc... yeah yeah, I`m not a Flickr person...

The most awesome one for me personally must be the Archangel of Gundam SEED, the vessel that houses the Freedom Gundam and plays the pivotal role in the series.

Here she is seen launching from the base in SEED Destiny in order to escape ZAFT and start the struggle for liberty again.

Another great builder I `discovered` on MOCPages builds all these kinds of small vignetters in a wintery atmosphere.

Next weekend also sees the long awaited return of Doctor Who, now staring Peter Capaldi, so this can`t be bad, and I found this nice micro build of the TARDIS surrounded by Dalek`s.

On Eurobricks, I came along this awesome armoured elephant in the GoH forums

And of course, there are always some nice mosaics around, take a look at this classic `pixelated` build.

Talking microbuilds, during the current Iron Builder, one of the contenders made this awesome City of Dale moc.

Ending this oversight, and staying in the castle sphere, is this awesome castle with a very excellent flowing waterfall.

Well, that was my portion of drooling eye candy for this instalment, I really should be seeing to free up some time to create something new myself, but alas, that doesn`t seem to be on the short horizon.  And it wouldn`t even be near the level of some of these builds, but we do keep practicing ;-)

Until the next time!

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