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Rhadamantys of Wyvern - Myth Cloth review

There is a reason these Myth Cloths can be picked up for around 25 euros on eBay.  They are of the older series, they have a far better looking EX version in the meantime, and they aren`t the prettiest girls in the schoolyard as they are over a decennium old.

Add to that the fact I`m one of those few not to be to excited about the Specters as a whole (to gloomy and monotone for my taste), and you understand why he wasn`t on my top spots of figurines to get.

Rhadamantys is one of the three judges of Hades, his strongest of the 108 Specter warriors.  Of those three, both in the Hades chapter as his previous incarnation in the Lost Canvas is the brute powerhouse and perhaps the most loyal to his lord and, in TLC, to the Lady Pandora (who is a real babe in that series btw).

Where he beats the three Gold Saints Mu, Milo and Aioria swiftly in the Hades chapter, this is mostly due to the fact of the energy dampening field of the Castle.  When facing off Gemini Kanon however in the Underworld itself, the scales are turned and when Kanon seems to get defeated being attacked by all three judges at once, Phoenix Ikki intervenens.

Kanon has learned the Greatest Caution technique and can now one handed block it, so the stage is set for the battle between the strongest of Hades servants, and the strongest Gold saint.  He was easily overpowered by the Gold saint in singular combat, until Kanon stripped down the cloth as it was summoned by his deceased brother to the Wailing Wall to unleash the ultimate attack of the 12 combined Gold saints to breach this.  Rhadamantys fell when Kanon launched a suicide attack and unleashing a full power Galaxian Explosion.

In the Lost Canvas, his story was even more powerful.  Here he had been given blood of Hades to recuperate from his injuries suffered by the Gold saints Degel of Aquarius and Kardia of Scorpio, but the power drove him mad.  He faces of Regulus, the Leo saint and a master of combat whome he long ago killed the father off.  Regulus pulls off launching a solo Athena Exclamation, but Rhadamantys barely survives while the saint is obliterated.  However, the young lion is now one with the earth and his soul remains, defeating the Wyvern.

Badly wounded, Rhadamantys returns to the palace of Hades, and decides to help Pandora against Alone who still resists the spirit of Hades.  The God of the Underworld`s power is to great for him though, and he is torn in two by Hades`s sword, only to die in the arms of his beloved Pandora.

The Myth Cloth

Like I stated earlier, the model is of the first series of Myth cloths, and it`s age shows.  Even though with the Appendix you can make it look a lot better, I have it in my cabinet in it`s original state.

Like all the specters, compared to Athena`s saints, it is a very spiky model, and the assembly is not to hard, but fiddly at times.  The shoulder pads and the wings being the main culprits to connect nicely together, while the knees are a bit triffling to put together as well.

Compared to the v2 bronzes, his facial expressions and sculpts are a slight improvement, but still it isn`t the best of jobs they could have done on him though.

And then there is still the actual question of how the colour of a surplice actually looks like, I find the models to be a bit TO bright for them, but heck, at least the EX is improving on that part.

If you`re a fan of the character, and not a collector for all cloths, I would advise you to buy the EX version.  If you collect all the cloths like I do, just scour the internet for the bargains, he is surely to be found on there for a fraction of his original price, still in the sealed box like mine was...

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