zondag 17 augustus 2014

Lego Creator Santa`s Workshop revealed

Coming to a brand or retail store near you this autumn, is the newest set from the Creator line (basically, Lego like it used to be 20 odd years ago).

Santa`s Workshop is a very beautiful set in my opinion, though labelled as Expert I personally think it is doable for anyone with moderate brick connecting skills.

It features the house of Mr and Mrs Santa Claus and his little Elfin assistants, as they prepare the toys for christmas and pack Santa`s sled with packages.  Including a little Benny`s Spaceship...

I really like the minifigs in this set, and the brickbuild reindeer`s are lovely.

Unfortunatly, our christmass stall is a bit `wrangled` over the years, with the baby Jesus for one having gone AWOL, but when I suggested this as a possible replacement, I was rebuked :-(

Oh well... they want me to get in the X-mas spirit every year... this year I will be ;-)

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