donderdag 28 augustus 2014

The benefit of being a good customer...

This afternoon I suddenly got a phone call from the store I usually get my games from.  Looking a bot amazed as to why they called me, as the only pre-order I have open is the upcoming Lego Batman 3, I picked up.

Turns out it was the storeguy, calling me to tell they had found a Bilbo minifig.

Now, back when the Hobbit game came out, they had run out of copies.  Pity, so `Good Morning Bilbo` went onto my to get list.  He had noted down my name for the case he found one somewhere, but after almost half a year, I had completely forgotten (I thought, if they found one extra that week or so).

Now it turned out that during a clean up of their storeroom, they found one more, so I was happy to went out and collect the model.

+1 for Service to the guys!

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