donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Ostrich Mill

My recent entry for the Age of Mitgardia builds, the first step on the Mill building tree.

Abdul Knee Doezeer walked behind his ostrich.  Slowly the mill turned and turned, as the grains where grounded down to become the golden liquid know in Mitgardia as `Moestaart`.  He just couldn`t get it why his business contact, some merchant in the small village of Merak, wanted heaps of the stuff.

It tasted bitter.  It tasted sharp.  It was nowhere as sweet as that great tomato liquid he received back in exchange, `Koetchap`.  But heck, the trades where handled correctly, he had work enough to do.

And why the heck did that idiot Hagen wanted to have that piece of rubble lying aside by his mill.  Didn`t he know those hieroglyphs and ruins where spread all over the land.

For this build, I decided to take it a bit `out of the borders` of the snowy lands and make it a more Kaliphlin style.  The idea was to depict a trade relation of my Mitgardian character, who worked his way graining away in my idea of a desert `horse mill`.

No idea how I`m going to go about for stage 2 and 3, but I have some small ideas nagging already at the back of my head...

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