vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Inspirational Lego: Happy Halloween

While I will be spending Halloween not on the dark streetcorners but at an Upper-dare party tonight, there are some great builds that have shown up these past days.

All centered around the spooky, this is the perfect inspiration to share on the Unholy Evening.

Look at this zombified medieval castle for example, though the tower guard...

Another great Haloween costume has always been Jack the Ripper, terror of victorian era London.

Or if you go more States side, there is the legend of Sleepy Hollow...

Though a Hobbit build, and an excellent one to boot, this version of Lake Town has a certain creepiness to it.

Bionicle even lends itself to a nice Grim Reaper

And of course, there are no such things suited as Haloween buildings as medieval wizard cottages and the likes.  These three really have been the talk of the town on Eurobricks and far beyond lately, and they are awesome in every respect...

So enjoy your ghosthunting... or stay inside like these guys:

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