donderdag 19 april 2012

500pts Hobgoblins - the planned army list

Well, as said a few days ago, somewhere around july TSA is going to run a 500pt Warhammer event thingie, and I decided to pop in with the Hobgoblins.
Miniatures shouldn`t be a problem, just need to paint / repaint most (aka, all bar 3) for them, but as the LPL is dwindling down (2 more entries to finish) that should be doable.

I went out to draft an army list, and this will be the force I`ll be sending into the field. Ironically, it boasts more models then the 2000 points Chaos Dwarf force I made my `come back` with...

The general: Khan on Giant Wolf with shield and heavy armour

Okee, I can`t take a spellcaster as general, and I doubt the odd lvl 1 or 2 is going to make to big an impact on my force (I`m probably so going to regret this statement). I decided on a basic hero, no magical flishflashs's and mounted as the only model in the army just because the Hobgob mounted hero is such a cool model.

Core troops:

1. 20 Warriors with shields and full command.

Again no fancy reasoning here, a Hobgob army just needs a solid unit of Hobgobs to take the fighting to the enemy (or each other)

2. 50 Karash

Hopeless stats, think South Park `Operation Follow the Blackies`. A huge block (Horde) of slaves whom model wise will be made up of Mantic and old metal GW zombies, as well as a whole assortment of models from historicals and other ranges mashed together, with the occasional Ogre and such. Battlewise they are next to useless, but in small battles like this their sheer size might be handy if not to only tie stuff up.

3. 5 Hobhounds with a Packmaster

Because I have this cool idea for building the unit, can`t say much yet. And it can serve as a protection unit for either my war machine or as a small flanking unit to hunt scouts and flyers.

Special Troops:

Sneaky Gitz. 18 of them including a chieftain.

I love Sneaky Gitz. Always adored the models, was madly inlove with their special rule of unlimited lapping and saw them take down massive beasts due to his rule combined with their poisoned attacks. Was the one `no-brainer` choice for the force.

Rare Troops:

Rokkit Launcha

I love War Machines and templates. I converted one of these a while ago way before this book appeared, as a sort of follow up to the Bolt Thrower. What this indeed turns out to be according to the fluff in the book. Did I inspire someone perhaps? No idea, but now I can take this machine of rocket driven death for what it is....

So thats the whole force to be assembled and painted up.


* huge numbers with 94 rank and file troops, a war machine and a character
* 2 out of 4 units don`t cause the others to panic, so I can play around low leadership and panic tests by interweaving the force during deployment
* lots of poisoned attacks with the gitz and their additional hand weapon can help getting round high toughness opponents.
* Template weapon to hopefully cause a dent in heavy armoured units


* Next to zilch mobility with all the large move 4 blocks
* Yell BOO hard enough and half the army probably runs off. Being Hobgoblins, the rest will follow without a doubt...
* No staying power should they get locked in combat apart from their initial rank bonus
* No magic support

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