donderdag 26 april 2012

Newest sign-on for the Violators

Well, signing on might be a little overstated, pressed into service or being tossed into the forges would have been a better description of the choice of the newest Hobgoblin on the Vongalazthag Violators roster.

ChubChub is a Hobgoblin who tries everything to copy and be like his superiors, even going as far as having tried to grow a beard like his Dawi Zharr masters.  He proudly shows off the little bush of plush on his shin, thinking this makes him the better and flashier player.  His racial companions have whispered into his ear that wis a beard like that, he is the perfect Hobgob to block Ogres out of the match...

This guy brings the roster to the 14 players and all the staff I currently field at painted, now to find a hole in the paint schedule to complete the `planned` team, being yet another Hobgoblin and a Minotaur, and then to see if I can scrounge together 150k for those two players over the comming matches bar replacing any dead blokes.  Should get the team ready should we manage by some miracle to qualify for the play offs, though if tomorrow, when I`ll have the rematch against those humans were everything went wrong against goes like last game... he won`t even have a team left to play on in the League like the Vampires whom are pulling back officially now.

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