donderdag 12 april 2012

Cathay Archers - Brush Slave League round 2

Weeej, spread over both comps I`m competing in, I finally won one this year. Signs of better tidings? Doubtful, but at least honor is saved in one of both already...

The match can be seen here, as this was a unit for a planned `unofficial` army book army... until they released the Hobgoblin book last week and I now can field an army from my official army, and add all the `dumped` Hobgoblin (or, like Wolf Riders, sickly expensive in points costs) from the Throne book. They haz Sneaky Gitz :-D

Oh well, I`m sure I`ll find some `adoptive parents` for these blokes in the end then, the models btw are Curtsey`s Miniatures `Warring States` chinese.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice work, no wonder you won with them :-)

  2. Nice work, now try to get a win in the LPL

  3. I`m trying, but they are, as was expected from the start, out of my League. I have hopes for the comming 2 rounds, but the draw of opponent will decide a lot...

  4. For those looking to adopt them: