woensdag 18 april 2012

I`m going to Salute armed with a Shopping List

Three days to go for the Pilgrimage to Salute, so it`s time I compiled a more or less `definite` shopping list.

And to steel my resolve not to give in to impulse buys...

The list `draft 1` looks like this at the moment:

* Heresy Miniatures Blood Bowl Minotaur. I`m going to give in to temptation and reserve `spot 16` on my roster for the big guy, but oddly enough he won`t be in the starting line-up of the team a lot, but be benched untill needed. The Wild Animal rules and such means in my opinion he is a liability when making the drive, and I have enough players already who are unable to hold on to a ball thank you very much.

* Forge World. These guys are gonna cost me as I`m going to look for, if they are already available a week before official releae, the k`daai fireborn, as well as the second warhammer book they just released. Top off with a nice fat regiment of infernal guards and the odd extra war machine. Yes, i like big guns hehehe.

* Look around for suitable 15mm `dark dwarf` models to build a Chaos Dwarf force for HoTT. The general idea is fully plated dwarf warriors and handgunners supported by some wolf riders, Orc warriors and goblin archers. Kinda like the old style army with it`s slave race troops.

* Soda Pop Miniatures Little Red Riding Hood from the Relic Knights range. No particular reason apart from the coolness of their (female) models.

So that`s the base list I`m going to be hunting for. Of course, finding old style Chaos Dwarfs is a no brainer as well, one can never have enough Dawi Zharr after all...

But, there is more to do in London. I`l be staying in the Hilton near Tower Bridge friday night, and found a gamestore nearby called Dark Sphere. They run the FNM program so I contacted them to inform what format they play on those evenings, and it`s a Draft or Sealed event, so I just have to take along sleeves and basic lands to participate.

Does anyone frequent or know this store? Tell me about it then please.

Finally, if you`d like to meet this shy, people estranged weirdo for real, just look around at Salute for the infamous yellow rodent. Your bound to find me stuck beneath it`s butt then hehehe

3 opmerkingen:

  1. The store itself is pretty tiny, but I gather they do their gaming just along the road from the shop.

  2. Aha, that explains the dual adresses I found on their site, thanks and perhaps see ya saturday!

  3. I'm not taking a list, I'm just going with open arms, an open heart, and a limited supply of cash...