zondag 15 april 2012

You can`t take the Sky from me - Lead Painter's League round 6

Another week and another defeat, see the pattern keeps emerging ;-)

I think I`ll be glad with the awesome and compact field this year if I can snatch a single win, but we keep playing with the Olympian mindset.

I entered the 15mm Firefly crew this round, but it was not to be as they fought against a very nice set of Cultists by Za Zjurman as can be seen here.

In the meantime, I have layed down hope for the planned round 10 entry, which would have been an ACW Naval landing with the USS Monitor in support, as the boat is still stuck with Redoubt`s supplier. Time issues now means I won`t be able to paint up the entry as all the rest is stuck as well because of it, but I`ve found an alternative after realising you needed 5 new models to count as unpublished, not all included models, so I might still have a chance to get full bonus this year.

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