zondag 1 april 2012

A Taste of a Team to Come

Okay, so this is my most genious idea ever. I`m also very good at sarcasm.

I decided for the Blod Bowl league NEXT year, to return to the team I can handle the best, the Wood Elves, instead of the Chaos Dwarfs which I just can`t 'piece' together. Pass pass pass pass pass pass run score... irritating, and more my kind of game.

So I got those Shadowforge female elves with full coaching staff, and then I got the luminous idea I started this post with... I was going to paint them up as Burning Angel actresses.

If your older then 18, you definitly know them. If not, google it. If your younger then 18, your not supposed to google it though I`m quite sure kids these days know more of the matter then myself.

Yes, so that are Bunring Angels, bit of Suicide Girls `adult` version. Or more adult version... hey you get the idea. I`m a single male, and at least I admit it NAH instead of hiding away late at night in some obscure corner of my desk. Like most Far Siders... HA! Okay, and I madly admire those kind of looks. I`m a sucker for the whole punk / emo / piercing / tattoo thing, probably while I sport some myself.

Anyways, this meant I needed a soft pallet of pastel hues for their actual uniforms in order to contrast with the `not everyday` hair colours, the tattoos and more of the likes, so in the end I went for a faded green and bavarian light blue. This coupled with black for the `leather` parts leaves me with all the reds, dark greens and heavy blues to work with for the `body modifications`.

Why didn`t you take the dark Elves of Shadowforge then? Well, because it are Emo 'subculture' girls, not a friggin` SM party, ya bunch a` pervs.

Conclusion after trying out the very first model for colourscheme and such... 28mm tattoo `sleeves` and all are bloody hard to paint, but I think they turned out quite okay.

For the bases, I`m going quite orthodox, using purple (which is often associated with the label), a kind off of their label as the team emblem, and a pink bordered number on the back of the basetop for identification.

They won`t be done fast, but they like hell will Rock and Roll in the B******* next season. Yes i`m a fan, and yes I`m a paid subscriber.

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