donderdag 5 april 2012

The Legendary Anime HAS returned

Saint Seiya Omega has launched, the `next generation` of what is considered one of the most epic, adult and recognised anime ever made: Saint Seiya.

That`ll be for us Belgians the better known `Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque`, or Knights of the Zodiac, Los Caballeros del Zodiac... if yoru around 30+ of age and liked cartoons, your definitly knowing these guys from the era of Dragonball, Sailor Moon etc.

Even though the original Saint Seiya was launched 25 years ago and is still going, this is the next part of the saga, which will introduce a complete new cast of heroes and villains along appearances of the classicals. And yesterday it finally was that moment as TV Asashi showed the first new episode to the new world.


There are reservations amongst the fans, as the series is supposed to fill the timeslot of a Digimon series, clearly aiming at a very young audience.

However, episode one was NOT Digimon level, no cute beasties here and blood flew around, though not as in the original where it was one notch higher.

Drawingstyle was okay for me, it`s along the lines of most new series and still more `adult` then for example Gundam AGE, which though not a bad series does have a more `kiddy feel` to it by drawing style.

What did I like in the new series:

* the Theme song! It`s a whole new, cleaned up version of Pegasus Fantasy, the epic track of the first series (and for years and counting my cellphone ringtone), here you can hear it for yourself:

* The Shaina training Kouga sequence, where she ignites due to Kouga badmouting `some guy called Seiya`, not knowing who he is (or for that matter, that he has been living with Athena for years now)

* the cameo`s so far, including Tatsumi who `redoes` his bo stick and armour` hopeless charge from the original series, Saori / Athena as a central player, Seiya in the beginning and Shaina (who does loose her mask again, hopefully for Kouga the `marry or die` rule is gone or he will be bedding an old but still sexy vixen). The other bronze saints are only briefly seen in the Pegasus Fantasy theme.

What I didn`t like

* The new cloths. Not the design of them, but the fact that they now spring from jewels instead of from Pandora boxes. It isn`t sure yet if they still have `object` modes as well, probably will though if rumours on the net are to be believed (and let`s hope so).

* The design of Mars, the new super villain. He DOES look like somthing walked out of Digimon and the likes with his translucent, glowing body and odd body proportions.

All in all, I`m quite relieved with how the whole thing turned out, it is still early (aka, first episode) but in anime as in people, first impressions DO count.

And now I`m off playing the classic saints further in the new PS3 game ;)

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