woensdag 11 april 2012

Outpost Masters Antwerp report

So the Outpost Masters magic tournament has gone by, and I had registred for the whole weekend more in faith and support then with the idea of getting a decent result. i`m not `into` the competition scene again long enough to really be a contender... but we`re getting there albeit slowly.

My goal is to be in the `upper middle` of turning around 50% around next year. I`m currently in the 25 / 33 % range, good enough for a rookie.

Friday result was one win, one draw and one loss, very decent. I managed to pick a flying blue white spirit deck from the draft, with Curse of Echoes as my `ace in the hole`. It kinda worked as the result was the first positive I scored since playing competitive.

Saturday, the Legacy torunament. This is about the hardest format in Magic, and average deck value is around 750 euros (that`s 1000 dollars!!!!) worth of cards.

I entered the arena with NO sideboard and a mono green deck totalling... 25.17 dollars in value.

And caused a ruckus. Sure, I lost every match, but the judges where kind of suprised that i didn`t get blown away big time, and even caused people to slightly adapt their `Storm` decks to loose just a few points of life less in the trigger for the trampling haste blitzkrieg I unleashed every turn. One creature bumped a turn for 11 to 21 damage, from turn 4 onwards...

The deck I played:

Legacy: Mono Green Blitzkrieg

4x Groundbreaker (4)
4x Llanowar Elves (4)
4x Primal Forcemage (4)
4x Timbermare (4)
4x Uktabi Drake (4)
4x Yavimaya Ants (4)

4x Giant Growth (4)
4x Harmonize (4)
4x Might of Old Krosa (4)
4x Nature`s Lore (4)

16x Forest (16)
4x Tranquil Thicket (4)

Yes, it was based around Planar Chaos, one of the less known (and more considered crap) of the expansions.

But, I am going to invest myself in a pure blue lockdown... that`s just my style, being sheer annoying. And still comes nowhere near 1000 dollars in value (around 150 or so to be precise).

Sunday was a disaster. I gae away a great pool (Essence of the Wild, a heap of tokens so great to play green / white and then change them all in 6/6 creatures... AND a Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. Throw in the special land that allows you to search a basic land and splash some black, and I would have loved playing that deck).

Instead I got a pool with only expensive creatures. The whole block turns around cheap humans, and I had well, 3... so was forced to go for a blue / red deck and hope on the Charmbreaker devil and Devil`s Play I had.
As expected, it didn`t work out at all, being far to slow to `start up` in a Sealed format. Technically i didn`t win a single game, but a bye and a `political draw` - against another regular of OP in the last game, we drew opening hands, mulliganed both, decided to get a beer and fill in 1 - 1 draw on the score card.

All in all, I did get some nice trades around to reduce my Library of Blue searchlist, got a foil FNM Mogg Fanatic as bonus, and the special human / wolf flip token DCI released only for the 6th of april.

Next year... next year teeheeheee

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