dinsdag 10 april 2012

A Day full of Heroics

In between rounds of painting competitions, raising armies and preparing punker babes for a match of rugby, I`ve done some heroclix models from various series and `brands`

First off, some afro-american heroes from Marvel, namely the Falcon, Captain marvel and the most obscure and lawsuit case causing character of the Marvel-verse, Charcoal.

Next up, a real big leagues villain, Thanos

One of Spider-Mans many opponents, minor league villain Hydro-Man

Another big time bad-ass, Baron von Strucker, former leader of HYDRA

Switching to the DC universe, we get Steel and the Blue Beetle

As well as the Weather Wizard and Aquaman

Only to end with one from the Dark Horse stable, all time loved Hellboy

Ciao ciao

1 opmerking:

  1. It's a shame about the legal issues around Charcoal; he was a neat character.

    Great work. I especially like the job on Strucker.