zondag 15 april 2012

Giacomo Mercator, Celestial Wizard

Hailing from the Border Princes of Tilea, Giacomo came to the dark realms of the dawi Zharr in search for artifacts and gold. Now he stays there, offering his services to the Sorcerer-Prophets in exchange for not being fed to the Furnaces of Hashut.

The mighty Sorcerer Prophets of Hashut divine the path their race will take through the fire and flame of the mighty furnaces, offering countless poor souls to keep it lit brightly.

However, sometimes an outside source can provide valuable insight, and occassionally even divine things the Sorcerer Prophets can not be bothered with to scrye for.

The Celestial Wizard Mercator is one of such servants of the Chaos Dwarfs, accompanying the Vongalazthag Violators on their Blood Bowl tour after their game against the Sylvania Sunbathers as an Assistant Coach, as his - limited, compared to the mighty Prophets - divining powers are helpful in seeying the hopefully right tactics and what players need to do to improve.

The model itself is the Limited Edition Crisis model we handed out past year at the event, and in my eyes one of the more versatile sculpts we have had so far. His style and dress means he can be used in a wide range of historical era`s, as well as a Wizard for fantasy gaming (as I did, with a twist to include him in my force) or a nobleman even for RPG settings.

The model was sculpted by Paul Hicks and had a run of a 1000 copies, so sorry for those intrested but it will be quit hard to get your hands on one still. Just attend Crisis 2012 in November and don`t miss out on the next limited edition model ;-)

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  1. Nice one m8, I can't wait to see him in action :-)

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