maandag 23 april 2012

March of the Gold Saints - Lead Painter`s League round 7

Week 7, loss 7... but this is a damn sour one.  Not because I think it was undeserved that my opponent, Old Coast, took the full points, but because we had been, right until saturday morning, on a draw, me being at times 2 or 3 votes on top, then he.

And I lost with 1 vote out of the draw range (less then six votes) as the round ended at 231 - 237, a difference of 6 votes and as such 1 measly vote above a draw.  But in the end they did me porud and I managed at least to get the maximum `votes recieved` points, I think I should have cleared the dreaded red lantern now for certain, especially since I`m about 300 votes in the lead in the current running round that started yesterday.  It seems honour might be saved...

You can see it all here...

But on the bright side, this is what the LPL is about for me.  After almost a year since I painted my first Gold saint, and a second one a few months ago for the BSL in 2011, I finally completed these little bottlecap gemstones and now have the full set of Athena's Mighties Warriors ready for... I don`t know what or when they will be on the gaming table, but they do look mighty fine in the closets.

So let`s have alook at all 12 models, mind you, before painting they looked like this:

They are 35mm soft plastic monocolour models by, whom else, Bandai.  Bases where removed, as was the cloak of Camus for balancing issues.  Pity Aiolos wings where to bend to straighten out still, but heck, in the new Omega series the Sagitarrius wings flutter around like mad as well.

The 12 temples and the Athena statue where snatched of eBay ages ago for about 60 dollars, a nice investment if you ask me as it makes it all look the real deal...

Mu of Jamir - Aries Saint

Aldebarran - Taurus Saint

Saga, the False Pope - Gemini Saint

Deathmask - Cancer Saint

Aiolia - Leo Saint

Shaka, Closest Man to God - Virgo Saint

Dohko, the Old Master - Libra Saint

Milo - Scorpio Saint

Aiolios, the Greatest Saint - Sagitarrius Saint

Shura, the Loyalest Warrior - Capricornus Saint

Camus - Aquarius Saint

Aphrodite - Pisces Saint

There you have them, all 12 Golden Warriors of Athena, the elite of her Saints.  

Till next time, ciao ciao.

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  1. That's a great looking set of miniatures and I would suggest that you were very unlucky not to win that round!