vrijdag 6 april 2012

On Roads taken and Paths Walked... 1st Quarter 2012

So the year is one quarter gone now, and it`s time for a first reflection of set goals, crazy plans and general jibjabs of the hobby front.

The Painting Leagues

A disaster, I`m getting slaughtered in there this year, both in the Lead Painter`s League and the Brush Slave League, and I must admit rightly so at the moment. Still, it keeps the motivation going to reduce lead mountain by a fair amount, only bonus round 10 in the LPL might be going to give issues as my `large model` is stuck between Redoubt Miniatures and their supplier. I HOPE it`ll arrive before the end of the month, in casu that I might force paint my way to the bonus points still...

The Painting Projects

Two are done now, namely the 2000 points Chaos Dwarf force for the tournament past February and the March of the Gold Saints, which I can`t show off just yet, few weeks patience for that still.

The Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team has their second part completed as well in the meantime, as with the March, they`ll be shown in a few weeks (both are going into the LPL, better paint something useful is it not), and only the reserve Hobgoblins need a paintjob still, and perhaps a Minotaur I have my eye on to take along at Salute, the Heresy one with the decapitated Elf in it`s arms.

Haven`t done to much on the Cathay army, the second unit that is ready will be shown here half of next week as they are currently in the second round of the Brush Slave League competing, and got some models lined up to paint in, all fairness, the third quarter of the year.

Heroclix and Gundam wise I have`nt done TOO much yet, as these are in betweens to `paint something else` and break up the routine of rank and file regiments. But all in all I`m still fairly certain I will be able to finish all goals set this year, unless...

New Projects

I devote to much time to the new things I got going. With 15mm hitting me hard at the moment, I`ve started some projects in that scale, being:

OUDF: a small Stargrunt OUDF force for use in Tomorrow`s War. All three vehicles and 2 of the three planned squads are already done.

With Bow and Blade
: a Wood Elves / Woodlands army from the Splintered Lights range, for use in HOTT whoch i`ll be playing in a few months after the force has been completed.

Over the Hills
: a 15mm Fields of Glory Carthage army, I got these through a sale at Northstar Miniatures, and are from the Strategia e Tattica range (now out of business it seems) and make a nice core to start building units and a force around.

Burning Angels: a goth / emo / punk team based on the XXX label in style, made up of Shadowforge Wood Elves. Should allow me to play the BB 2013 league at TSA in my favorite style.

On the other hobby aspects

Well, I haven`t visited a single convention yet this year, but will be attending Salute as a last minute decision. Others on the planning are Lille in june and of course Crisis, but that will be it.

wise, I only played the WFB club tournament last february, ending 3rd after a break of nearly a decenium, so old foxes don`t forget their tricks it seems. Not much planned for the moment apart from the vague plans for a 500 points mini tournament again at the club, and competing in the currently running Blood Bowl League where the Violators are a decent midfielder team.

Campaign wise, the superhero linked battle is shaping up as I paint miniatures for the scenarios at the moment, I estimate it will be fought out around august. I`m also going to join in possibly in a TW campaign, the Variag wars

In the PS3 challenge with Andy I currently have the lead, but I`ve got Saint Seiya running now and I know I won`t quit that game before I got the shiny platinum in my hands. So he has allt he time in the world to catch up now.

And on the Magic front, it`s been limited to playing pre- and release events, good eneough for 26 seasonal points last quarter. I`m competing in the Outpost Antwerp Open Masters today and the rest of the weekend, and the goal at the end of the three days is 25 points, so that together with the pre- and release weekend comming up end of the month, beginning of may for the Avacyn Restored set, I should be able to gather around 50 points total for the running seasonal quarter.

That`s about it to tell for now, I`m off to work now and then to the battlefield of the Planeswalkers, see y`all on Sunday for the result of the current LPL round and a small report of the Open.

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