zaterdag 14 april 2012

Vongalazthag Violators 2 - Sylvania Sunbathers 0

For the second time in a row, I played a match that never was a match. Unlike the trashing by the humans last time, this time each and every roll went in my favor.

Though the game ended at a 2 - 0 win, it was the casualties that tell the tale. I had one Badly Hurt hobgoblin (BoB managed to knock himself out again) and the opposing Vampire team... had 11 out of their 14 strong line-up!!!

I wasn`t to sure about the team before the game though, facing off against 5 Strength 4 Vampires, and as a result since I kicked off let one of the Bull centaurs on the bench. The gameplan was to hold the first half, bring in the second bull on the half 2 and try to go for the goal then, aiming for a 1-0 and minimising casualties.

It went way better then the plan, every block I made or got against was in my favor, block and armor 9 on the Dwarfs finally paid off after 3 games, and every armour roll put one of his players out of commission at a 1 in 3 ratio...

Now, before you think I stalled for time as I only made 2 touchdowns, as the witnesses can confirm, this was due to my inability to
1. pick up the ball
2. throw that quick pass and
3. catch that quick pass
or the score could have gone way higher.

The benefit was that all the SPPs went all over my team, so I have a lot of players nearing rolls, but no `if that fella dies I`m in big boo-boo`.
The gains in the end where the purchase of an assistant coach and the recruitment of an extra Hobgoblin, ChubChub (aka, I need to paint one up before the next game, due to Salute and Avacyn Restored events this won`t be before the half of May, so I got time for once). Money in the treasury is money wasted in my philosophy.

This brings the Violators in the League table, which i`ll post once the commissioner has made an updated version, at 6 points out of 3 matches, and a 4 - 4 in touchdowns.

But like hell will I be a contender for the honorary mention of `Most Casualties in a Single Game`...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice game, and serious display of violence.
    It fits the team very nicely!

  2. It was a vio;ent affair indeed, feel a bit guilty about it though as I seem to ahve litterally knocked my buddy out of the League now...