zaterdag 28 april 2012

Vongalazthag Violators 0 - Bad Bay Hackers 1

Well, time for the rematch against those humans I lost so gravely to with 4-0 a few weeks ago.  Now, we both had an exact match in team rating at 118 each, so that would mean we`re going into the arena fairly matched.

Now, the gate was an indication of what was going to follow, I brought along 8000 fans (rolled 3), he... 4000 (rolled a 2) so I even had Fame +2.  That was, for those people brave enough in what would turn out a long boring game with no action at all.

You see, we both managed to block rather smoothly, but neither managed to beat many armour rolls.  Over the whole game, there where 2 human vs 1 hobgoblin KO`s, a Human Blitzer ended with -1 AV due to an injury, and I suffered one badly hurt Hobgoblin and one Dawi that`s missing next game.  And the blitzer was caused by the crowd to boot, so that means only 5 players suffered something above stunned today...  Nothing that gets a crowd warm hehehehe.

The game was basically one big clutter along the midline, only halfway first half he managed to score with his thrower, the only player on his side at that moment not lying down, but managed to escape with a dodge and make the one and only goal in the game.

I had a few chances during the second half to equalize, but I just couldn`t catch or pick up the ball (trying at one time no less then 5 times in a row as it kept scatter bouncing between two players).  People might wonder why i throw a Quick pass over a hand off to my players, but the throwing part (with a Hobgoblin) hasn`t been the issue.  It`s the catching with a Bull Centaur that is causing issues, as Hobgoblins are to lightly armoured to make the dash over the field as they can`t outrun a Human anyways.  The modifiers for an accurate pass or accepting a hand-off are the same anyways, but even with re-rolls I just can`t roll that 4+.

Pity, but we`re still in the upper half of the League table with 6 points now out of 4 matches, one more to ge the required minimum and after that we`ll see where we end.  I doubt the play offs can be managed, but on the other hand I still have almost all my games against the `lower` teams still in the pipeline so there should be some points to be gained perhaps to at least compete for the 4th spot, as three teams are as good as gone to catch up with.

Skill wise a Dawi lineman gained Guard, as he was chosen for the second time out of 4 games as the MVP, resulting in now having two of those little `Cans of Doom` with that skill, a fresh (and last) Hobgoblin was added to the roster (I named him Luke... as my coach is Dwarf Vha`Dur hehe) and the first 20k went into the bank to buy that minotaur for completing the roster.

I should have a game lined up against Feet of Flame in two weeks if their coach can get to the club, curious how my Violators are going to hold out against two treemen and a bucketload of Halflings flying over their head...

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