woensdag 25 april 2012

New Ink!!!

All Hail Hashut, Father of Darkness

Every tattoo should have a story, and mine is the following:

This july I`m turning 34 (but will continue looking 27 yupyup).  When I was 14, my mum bought me my very first Citadel Miniatures on my birthday, in a store called The Lonely Mountain in Antwerp, now no longer in business.

Those very first models where... the Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun and Mortar blisters.  Hell, did I know that 20 years down the road I still have them (the mortar was featured half a year ago already repainted) and would multiply beyond proportions of the sane wargamer (okay, contradiction in termini there).

So to commemorate my 20 years of dedicated (okay, it has hiatusses, but they are like the only game / models I actually kept during all my career) service to the Bull Headed God, I went to the tattooshop (the same one of my Enterprise) and came home with this on my left forearm:

So that`s tattoo number five, three more on the planned list... when i turn 35 I`m going for the golden Crab of my constellation on the chestbone, when I complete the Library of Blue it will be the Blue `drop of water` icon from Magic The Gathering below this one (yes, my arm will tell my gaming life lol) and when the `Sword of Damocles` evaporates (long story, lots of money involved, my `entourage` knows what it is about, the rest I ain`t telling) the huge angelpose of Strike Freedom on the back (as I`ll be able to spare a few thousand euros then)...

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