maandag 2 april 2012

Second 15mm OUDF squad done

Okay, so a second squad is finished to try that Tomorrow`s War thingie again in the future, this time again from the 15mm Stargrunt range of Ground Zero Games, they are the `natvies` pack of troops.

Consisiting fluff wise of nations like Tasmania, the Aboriginals (I used theinations flag on the hoover car) and Papua New Guinea and the likes, they are exactly armed and armoured the same as their white counterparts, with 8 men, including an RPG and a SAW.

The one difference is that as a support vehicle, instead of the Wombat APC, these guys are accompanied by a light scout / small apc vehicle... which I dubbed Skippy `cause that sounded okay in my book.

So that means the force at the moment consists of 2 squads of 8 troops with support weapons, a scout hoover, an APC hoover and a utility vehicle, and got one `recon` squad in the udnercoat at the moment.

Should be enough to get me going for a few games.

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