donderdag 26 april 2012

Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle: Platinum

It might not come as a suprise, but I gamed this one through a month non stop to gain the Platimun trophy, which I finally obatined this evening.  

So, that might only be the second platinum I score so far, but these kind of `Koei` games (a contraction between KOnami and toEI) is my cup of tea on the PS 3.  Which probably isn`t a suprise either seeing my love for japanese anime thingies.

 Yes, I bought this game twice.  I ordered the limited european Myth cloth edition, but as this would be released almost a month after the basic game, I couldn`t wait and bought the standard one as well upon release lol.

No, I`m NOT getting a Pikachu tattoo!

This game has two sorts of trophees, the fast ones you score almost immediatly on the first run and lets you unlock most of the characters, and the long grind ones like getting A rankings, which include God level missions for shich you need to grind a character to nearly the maximum.

The general advice in these games is to pick one you like and level him up hour after hour, now most websites recommend Phoenix Ikki for this, as he levels the most important statistic, Attack, very fast and has a good ranged attack, but I opted for my childhood favorite, Cygnus Hyoga, as well as for the tag teams Cancer Deathmask and of course the DLC character Unicorn Jabu.  Yeah, for games like these I do buy ALL DLC content... Otaku you know....

He has all three ranged attacks, two being a tube shaped icestorm and one short ranged cone ice attack, which is handy to freeze opponents and then catch your breath.

And now this one is pulling me alongside Creepy Andy again and our battle continues now 6 months in the going.

He`ll loose, he just doesn`t know it yet though ;)

Now, off to finally sort through my tower of games, and see to get rid of all those non-anime ones I collected over the years, i`m not going to bother playing them through anyways probably hehehe.

Onwards to the next platinum, probably Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 IF I can still find online opponents for a game 3 years old now...

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  1. Congrats on the platinum!!

    If you're going after the DW:Gundam 2 platinum check this link for people who need online help too:

    What are you planning to make me lose this trophy hunt? :-)

  2. Aye, going to try and use it the weekends the Avacyn releases are past.

    Simple, knowing that you and me both have the attention span of a goldfish, one of us is going to fall down in intensity at one point. The other is going to be the winner teegheehee