zondag 15 april 2012

Next tournament, next army

Patrick, of Nelson`s Revenge (and a decimated Vampire Counts team) has uttered the plan to run a small tournament of 500 points `somewhere in july`.

Being the supportive fella that I am, of course I am going to join in... but then I realised it won`t be do-able with the Chaos Dwarfs, as even the lowliest Hero (pureblood Dawi of course) is way to expensive, the Core units are at 12 to 18 points unfieldable and the guns are out of the question any ways with their costs in the Throne book.

And then Hashut smiled on me last week

Enter the... Hobgoblins

Another one of those excellent `unofficial` books like the Cathay, Albion, Halflings etc etc the latest release are the faithful greenskin allies (aka upperclass slaves) of the Legions of Hashut.

All of them can be found right here.

So now it`s time to start thinking about a list and gather the models together to start a paintline.

And it has Sneaky Gitz in it... and will have a lot of them in the army. Sneaky Gitz rule. Or run. But I tend to stick to the rule statement...

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